Monday, September 23, 2013

Poor Puzzled Media...

...if things don't fit their narrative, then it is the facts that are wrong and not the narrative.

Pope makes "u-turn" on abortion:

//Pope Francis encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform abortions today in a bizarre U-turn on comments yesterday that condemned the church's obsession with such 'small-minded things'.

Francis appeared to be offering an olive branch to the more doctrine-minded, conservative wings of the church today with a staunchly pro-life message during an audience on Friday with Catholic gynecologists.

It seemed to directly contradict his warning yesterday that the Catholic Church could fall 'like a house of cards' if it continues in its preoccupation with abortion, gay marriage and contraception.//

Because, obviously, it's all about politics and any attention to moral teachings disfavored by the media left amounts to "obsession."

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