Tuesday, October 22, 2013

America - Now with More Hope and Change!

Obamacare Edition!

Falsehood #8: “So don’t let problems with the website deter you from signing up or signing your family up, or showing your friends how to sign up, because it is worth it. It will save you money.”
Let’s test that theory, shall we?  Say you are a 30-year-old living in Los Angeles (zip code 90001) earning $40,000 annually and you have purchased the best-selling policy on ehealthinsurance.com which has a monthly premium of $105.  That policy will no longer be offered in 2014, so you check out your options on Covered California.  There the cheapest policy is from L.A. Care and costs $174 a month.  At $40,000 you won’t be eligible for any subsidy (subsidies stop at about $31,670 in that area), so you’ll be paying the full premium.  In short, you’ll be paying 66 percent more for your insurance.  Maybe Obama was referring to a different person.  He wasn’t referring to you.
So if you are unhappy that you are losing your insurance and dissatisfied with your choices on the exchange, your recourse is pretty well non-existent.  You could go without insurance, but even then you’ll still have to pony up some money to pay the individual mandate fine.  And that’s one more important difference between Obama and Bill Mays.  Mays’ offers often came with a money-back guarantee.

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