Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's a Fabulous Life

Obamacare explained so simply that even the media can understand.

But now, that $70 is getting a little tough for Annie, and George is perfectly happy to shovel his own snow — he and Mary and the kids shovel the snow and make snowmen, and take goofy pictures to embarrass the kids with in 20 years. And hell, that $70 is getting to be a chunk of change for him too. All he wants is the $2 life insurance policy he had before Mayor Barry was elected, but he can’t get that any more.

And then he finds out that instead of paying $70 for the life insurance and snow shoveling policy, he can just pay $5 as the tax on people who don’t have life-insurance-and-snow-shoveling policies. Oh, it still sucks, but it sucks about $65 less than it would have. That $5 goes back to City Hall, where it’s supposed to be used to pay for people who can’t afford life-and-show-shoveling insurance. But first it has to pay for the Life and Snow Shoveling Insurance Office and the Life and Snow Shoveling Insurance Office administrator, and the staff.

Now, what’s the point of this little fable? Basically, this is the story of health insurance. We started off with “major medical,” which was a way to protect yourself against big medical bills that everyone hoped they wouldn’t have; now what we’ve got is that major medical — but we’re also paying for snow-shoveling, er, we’re paying for everyone’s day to day medical care, and we’re paying for it in pretty much the most expensive and complicated possible way: through a federal government agency and insurance companies.

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