Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Scenes from an ordinary day in Soviet America...

...where you exist for the State.

//Even so, he said he took the group out for a drive in the park and he pulled over to let passengers take photos of the park’s native bison.

A ranger showed up immediately.

“She told me you need to return to your hotel and stay there,” Hodgson told the Enterprise.”This is just Gestapo tactics. We paid a lot to get in. All these people wanted to do was take some pictures.”

He said the group then was threatened with trespassing charges.

“The national parks belong to the people,” he said. “This isn’t right.”

Park spokesman Al Nash defended the actions in an interview with the Enterprise.

“We don’t have staff on duty to deal with any ordinary operational issues,” he said. When the park is closed, everything is closed, he said.

“All we could do was eat dinner in the dining room. It was like a ghost town,” Hodgson said.

One member of the group, Pat Vaillancourt, of Newburyport, Mass., told her local newspaper, the Newburyport News, that even while they were allowed to stay in the Old Faithful area, they were watched.//

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