Saturday, November 30, 2013

Welcomes to Civilization 3.0.

I'm honored to notionally be on the side of the men defending the Cathedral rather than with the barbarians and idiots on the other side.

Brit Catholic apologist Peter D. Williams writes:

For a contrast between Christian light & diabolical darkness, watch these scenes in Argentina as Catholics peacefully defend the Cathedral of San Juan against pro-abortion protestors, who then spit on them, perform sexual acts in front of them, and otherwise abuse them revoltingly (CAVEAT: explicit scenes): 
If anything shows the neo-pagan evil at the heart of the culture of death, the behaviour showed here does. Astonishing. And sadly, nothing new...


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John Kasaian said...

The guys are true heros. Spiritual warfare against the diabolical is a frightening thing to contemplate.

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