Friday, December 27, 2013

How important, really, is upper body strength for a Marine?

Not very, apparently.

Marines quietly pull three pull-up requirement for women.

A Marine spokesperson cites the need to "ensure all female Marines are given the best opportunity to succeed." Only 45% of female recruits could meet the standard, which 99% of male recruits meet.
Robert Maginnis, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, says the delay shows that women just can't meet the same standards.
"Young women, in spite of all the training and all the best intentions, are not going to be the equal of young men in terms of upper body strength," Maginnis says. "You've got to have a lot of upper body strength to lift the stuff. Been there, done that."
Maginnis just wrote a book called Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat. He says the issue has more to do with politics than protecting the nation.
But 45% of the women did it. Depending on how you look at it, that's a surprisingly high percentage.

We are going to get into a war and then be surprised - surprised! - that the death rate for our women soldiers is substantially higher than for our male soldiers.

And we will be puzzled about how this could be possible.

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