Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is this like excommunicating a heretic?

Because the media spent years criticizing Cardinal Ratzinger for "cracking down" on Catholics who taught heresy.

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson recently told GQ Magazine that in his opinion homosexuality is a sin. Gay rights activists were up in arms, and now A&E, which carries “Duck Dynasty,” has suspended Robertson//

The world has become a funny place when TV networks enforce theology.


Danue said...

We need to be equally tolerant of all religions, race, cultures and political stances. People are entitled to have opinions. To protect one group's rights at the expense of another's is a contradiction of the very equality that we are trying to promote. Scales of justice have once again been tilted way off kilter - find the balance people!

John Kasaian said...

"Why does A&E get to refuse to do business with someone based on their views on sex, but bakers and photographers can't?"
---Doug Wilson

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