Friday, January 03, 2014

We live in a strange world where people can't see that the threat to liberty is from the powerful, not the weak.

Bleeding Heart Libertarian writes:

Worse is the NYT’s claim that the threat to religious liberty with respect to the contraception mandate is from a small number of non-profit religious employers, rather than the federal government. The federal government is plainly coercing these religious non-profits and in general has infinitely more power over our day-to-day lives than Little Sisters of the Poor. To say that religious non-profits pose more of a threat to liberty than the federal government would be seriously confused. But to deny that the federal government poses a threat is unacceptable.

We see here some of the worst moral blind spots of the elite center-left attitude towards government, which the NYT exemplifies. They are so statist that they cannot see the federal government as a threat and so confused about the nature of liberty that they misapply the concept in the most rudimentary manner.

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