Wednesday, January 01, 2014

We've always been at war with Eastasia.

Lane Core makes this Orwellian prediction:

Do you remember the second presidential term of William Jefferson Clinton? (America’s first “black” president.) Do you remember his polling numbers? (They sank pretty darn low.) More to the point — do you remember something else that happened to those polling numbers that had never happened before?
When Clinton’s approval numbers tanked and stayed tanked, the folks in mainstream media came to the rescue of their fellow Democrat by doing something they hadn’t done before: reporting two presidential approval numbers, the “job approval” rating vs. the “personal approval” rating.
They hadn’t done that for Ronald Wilson Reagan, a Republican. And two presidential approval numbers went back to being one presidential approval number starting on January 20, 2001, when George Walker Bush, another Republican, was inaugurated.
We haven’t heard two presidential approval ratings since.
That may be about to change, though, since approval numbers for President Barack Hussein Obama, another Democrat, sank to 37% in an AP-GfK survey this week.
If Obama’s approval numbers remain south of 40 for very long, look for another bifurcation into “job approval” and “personal approval” presidential ratings from the “Democratic protection racket” that is mainstream media.


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