Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome to Civilization 3.0

The new barbarism.

Two teenage girls are behind bars following allegations that they carried out a campaign of harassment against a mentally-challenged boy including stabbing him, dragging him by the hair and forcing him to engage in sex acts with an animal.
The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office said 17-year-old Lauren Bush and an unnaned 15-year-old girl - both students at Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland - recorded the assaults against the autistic 16-year-old victim on their cell phones. 

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Lauran said...

In a society where life is so cheap that the fruit of your own womb is disposable at whim--why should stronger teenagers unrepentently debasing weaker be cause for astonishment. I'd be so bold to say the former are precursors to the latter.

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