Saturday, March 22, 2014

Welcome to the Post-Racial Obama Era

Maybe demonizing white people for the last 30 years wasn't the best strategy for the common good.

When Washington, D.C., councilman and former Mayor Marion Barrythis week said that whites need to be “more open-minded” about African-American politicians, claiming “blacks are more open-minded than” whites, he was suggesting that whites can't do what blacks do -- embrace the other race.
But a new study of 212 black college students made available to Secrets found little open-mindedness: Blacks don't like it when other blacks associate with whites, to the point of refusing help to an African-American experiencing “a run of bad luck” -- just because they have white friends.
The study in the April edition of the authoritative journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found the so-called “black code” alive and kicking, prompting blacks far more than whites to frown on one of their own if they associate with the other race.

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