Saturday, April 05, 2014

Letting their inner totalitarians out to play.

I've been in a long debate with an atheist "free-thinker" on Unbelievable over the Eich issue, and it is amazing how deeply he is into justifying the principle that people who hold bad opinions deserve to be punished for those opinions

David French at NRO writes:

No, the radical Left isn’t just “ceding” the free-speech high ground to conservatives, it’s deeding it over — a free gift of one of America’s most important cultural and legal traditions. This is a high-stakes gamble — one apparently built on the idea that generations of leftist-dominated education and pop culture have sufficiently changed our nation so that we’re willing to turn our backs on pluralism and religious tolerance (not just tolerance of other religions but also tolerance of religion itself). It’s an idea born in Leftist urban and campus enclaves so walled-off from the rest of American life that many of these people could honestly declare they don’t know a single conservative Christian.

But this new intolerance — as it directly confronts orthodox Christianity — is now colliding not just with free speech but with millions of Americans’ source of deepest meaning and purpose. 


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