Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This guy could have been President.

Secretary of State's comment destroys American influence in "peace process."

In 2006, when Kerry insulted American soldiers, saying they were “stuck in Iraq” because they didn’t study hard enough, he just made a buffoon of himself. In 2010, when he registered his $7 million yacht in Rhode Island to dodge taxes, he just revealed himself as clueless. But that was when he was just a failed presidential candidate in the Senate. As secretary of state, he’s in a position to do more damage. Last year, when he accidentally gave Syria an out on its chemical weapons use, he handed off control of U.S. foreign policy to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who quickly brokered a deal that left dictator Bashar Assad in power. Kerry made Obama look weak, emboldened Putin and set the stage for the current Ukrainian crisis.//

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