Monday, May 05, 2014

A cloud no bigger than a man's fist.

John C. Wright resigns from the SFWA:

When SFWA first departed from that mission, I continued for a time to hope the change was not permanent. Recent events have made it clear that there is not reasonable basis for that hope.

Instead of enhancing the prestige of the genre, the leadership seems bent on holding us up to the jeers of all fair-minded men by behaving as gossips, whiners, and petty totalitarians, and by supporting a political agenda irrelevant to science fiction.

Instead of men who treat each other with professionalism and respect, I find a mob of perpetually outraged gray-haired juveniles.

Instead of receiving aid to my writing career, I find organized attempts to harass my readers and hurt my sales figures.

Instead of finding an organization for the mutual support of Science Fiction writers, I find an organization for the support of Political Correctness.

Instead of friends, I find ideologues bent on jihad against all who do not meekly conform to their Orwellian and hellish philosophy.

Politics trumps Science Fiction in the modern SFWA.

I've been a science fiction reader since I was a teen. I've always admired science fiction writers and had a romantic view of the SFWA. Now it appears that the totalitarian left is taking over more and more institutions and driving off those who refuse to sign on to their ideology.

Note also that John C. Wright is an outspoken Catholic.  Is this a sign of things to come as Believers are made to feel less and less welcome among the "better people."

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