Friday, May 09, 2014

American foreign policy as envisioned by a community organizer

Doesn't this woman know the President?

Shouldn't the President have...I don't know...more power than twitter hashtag?


John Kasaian said...

The worse thing a politician can do is to campaign standing next to someone in a wheel chair. It's the ultimate in manipulation of someone else's tragedy for personal gain.
Michele and the Obama administration ought to be ashamed of themselves "hash tagging" this instead of doing something constructive.
The US can't find an airliner.
The US can't find 300 hundred school girls.
The US can't keep Putin in line.
The US can't win in Afghanistan.
The US can't do squat.
And Obama is it's leader.

marian said...

Thanks Peter for posting this. Thanks John for your comments.

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