Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meet the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

Watch this farce:

More details from Mark Shea.

Looks like the idiots at the ITCCS mean business.

These were the same morons who "indicted" Pope Benedict in 2013, which gave all the leftists in the world a moment of joy as if the whole thing wasn't a total nutshow.

Of course, the real UN is not all that different.

PS -

Apparently, Kevin Annett is the ITCCS.  Someone has been doing yeoman's work keeping track of this crackpot's activities.

But, wait!  It gets worse -

“We have learned that Reverend Annett faces very real and dire dangers because of his exposure of Vatican child sacrifice rituals. Kevin is far too vulnerable and valuable to be traveling on his own right now, since he is pivotal to our case and to the work of the Court” said George Dufort for the Public Information Agency of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ).
"Vatican child sacrifice rituals"?????

But, wait! It gets better!  This child sacrifice cult is a Jesuit child-sacrifice cult!

Recent evidence submitted by Kevin Annett to the proceedings against Pope Francis and others documents the murderous actions of a Jesuit-run child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle. (see, April 10, 2014). Members of the Ninth Circle are apparently targeting Rev. Annett for elimination.

The anti-Catholic New Left simply is the anti-Catholic Old Protestant.

What ought to be iconic is how this book treated the ITCCS as being something more than a single crackpot - which is why my one star review of it is in first place (and you should give my review a helpful vote to keep it there.) (At the time, I had no idea about exactly how much of a charade the ITCCS was, such is the power of a grand sounding title and a Belgium address.)

It also appears that Annett was kicked out ministry by his denomination for "conduct unbecoming," including failing to obtain ordered psychiatric counseling. It seems that his retaliatory m.o. was to make accusations of child abuse. Annett also made baseless claims linking his case with Amnesty International.

But wait!  It gets better.

There has never been a United Nations Tribunal to investigate alleged genocide by the United Church of Canada. The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM) has not made a report to the UN about this matter. The Secretary General of Amnesty International has disavowed any involvement in the “case” of Mr. Annett.
The Circle of Justice has distanced itself from Mr. Annett in a public statement in which they say he has “spread unproven gossip,” “slandered and libeled trusted and dedicated First Nations activists,” and has “for purposes of self-promotion assigned to himself and used in print and word non-existent titles like ‘Advisor,’ ‘Chief Researcher,’ ‘Chief Expert Witness to the Vancouver Tribunal’ and others that were neither authorized nor voted on or ratified by the Circle of Justice.”
We know of no recognized First Nations group which still endorses the work or words of Mr. Annett.
I recognize that some of the articles and flyers that you might encounter include allegations that are horrific and distressing in nature. In some cases specific names of United Church clergy and lay leaders have been mentioned. I am confident of the integrity and the deeply faithful commitment of the individuals who have been named. I am continuing to work with the RCMP, national staff and our legal counsel to ensure that Conference is doing all that is possible to be transparent and accountable.

Apparently, Annett has taken the same tactics and gone after bigger game.

But, wait!  It gets better.

Here is the ITCCS' "Common Law Community Training Manual," by which the ITCCS is vying for "international terrorist" status. (If it was anything more than one or two crackpots.)

Annett is co-founder of ITCCS.

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