Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The New Age and the Nuns.

Have American liberal nuns gotten so mired in New Age wackiness that they've lost their Christian faith.

In other words, the LCWR has continually shown its willingness—nay, its desire—to sever communion with the Church. Period. It is at a point of no return. Card. Müller notes the LCWR's fixation on New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard, a proponent of "Conscious Evolution":

We have even seen some religious Institutes modify their directional statements to incorporate concepts and undeveloped terms from Conscious Evolution.

Again, I apologize if this seems blunt, but what I must say is too important to dress up in flowery language. The fundamental theses of Conscious Evolution are opposed to Christian Revelation and, when taken unreflectively, lead almost necessarily to fundamental errors regarding the omnipotence of God, the Incarnation of Christ, the reality of Original Sin, the necessity of salvation and the definitive nature of the salvific action of Christ in the Paschal Mystery.

My concern is whether such an intense focus on new ideas such as Conscious Evolution has robbed religious of the ability truly to sentire cum Ecclesia. To phrase it as a question, do the many religious listening to addresses on this topic or reading expositions of it even hear the divergences from the Christian faith present?

That final sentence is especially notable, I think, because Card. Müller is openly and publicly asking, in all seriousness, if the LCWR leadership even has the capacity—spiritually, theologically—to recognize falsehood and dissent, and to step away from it. Well, after forty years, I think the answer is quite clear. 
First, keep in mind that this is not all nuns.

Second, keep in mind that this is the collection of nuns that are dying on the vine.

Third, the orthodox nuns are growing

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