Friday, June 20, 2014

And atheists wonder why they aren't liked.

Atheist claims he was fired for atheism; school says "performance."

//Pack points to one email in particular as indicative that he was fired for his atheist identity. The email, sent from Rasler, was in regards to snow days and read: "I have been asked: 'What if we have a snow day during finals? OR What is (sic) we have a two-hour delay?' Please get on your knees and pray for four good weather days during finals. You (sic) leadership team will be once again planning the what-if Plan B. Ras."

The German teacher reportedly responded to this email by writing: "Since I'm an atheist and a mystical sky daddy has nothing to do with weather, I won't be kneeling. I will be relying on science and the oftentimes (sic) in exact (sic) science of metereology (sic). The only relability (sic) we seem to get from weather reports is how often they're reliably wrong."//

Great demonstration of "people skills."

Why did they fire him? They should have promoted him where he could "go off" on students and parents who dared - dared! - to say "God bless you" when he sneezed.

Jerk-wise, Chiponshoulderish

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