Monday, June 02, 2014

But, but...Obama was totally against signing statements when Bush was President!

The Chief Executive of Banana Republic.

//Via RCP, you already know why it’s illegal but stay tuned anyway for two excellent points that have been overlooked. One: There’s no reason why the White House couldn’t have complied with the statute and notified Congress months or even years ago of its intent to do a deal for Bergdahl involving the Taliban Five if/when the opportunity ever presented itself. The reason they kept mum and did this on the sly, without notifying anyone first, isn’t because they had to “move quickly” or whatever, it’s because they knew that advance notice to Congress would give hawks on both sides of the aisle time to build political pressure against the swap. Obama wants to empty Gitmo and make nice with the Taliban before we abandon Afghanistan to its fate, and complying with the law was an impediment to that. So he broke it. Par for the course, as Turley knows only too well. Two: It’s true that when O signed the “30-day notification” rule into law, he issued a signing statement saying that he regarded that requirement as a violation of separation of powers. When he first ran for president in 2008, though, he and his team used Bush’s habit of issuing signing statements as a paradigm example of executive power run amok. Watch the second clip below, where this guy actually has the balls to say he would never do something like that because he’s taught constitutional law and knows how the Constitution works. That’s the second campaign promise in as many weeks that he’s utterly betrayed.//

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