Friday, June 20, 2014

Gender Fluidity is not fluid enough.

David Mamet shuts down play that wanted to recast his female character as a male and make a play about gender relations into one about homosexuals.

Here's a review of the production:
[First-time director Erin] Eggers made the daring decision to cast a man — Ben Parman — as a transgendered version of Carol. Mamet's script provides support for this; Carol refers to herself at one point as "of some doubtful sexuality" and as having overcome sexual "prejudices" and "humiliations."

All of which explains why Carol might view John's clumsy and paternalistic efforts to help her through gendered glasses. Parman himself takes care of the rest, embodying a Carol whose very body language — stiff, angular and uncomfortable — reflects Carol's fear and fury at an outside world she views as an implacable enemy.
The play (which I've seen in the theater and read) is about the relationship between a male and a female. It's specifically all about the male teacher/female student relationship. If it's about 2 men, it's a different story. There's nothing wrong with telling different stories, bouncing off an old text, and any given production can stand on its own merit, but Mamet owns the rights, and he has control for now. But should he have been more accommodating?
Interesting observation about changing the nature of the play.

And interesting connection to the women priests issue.

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