Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More False Rape Accusations.

Clearly the answer is to change the definition of sexual assault in order to make it easier to claim an assault.

//A woman who lied about being sexually assaulted - leading to an innocent man’s arrest - has been shown mercy by the courts.

Tracy Kent was spared prison after a judge learned how she was a “damaged and vulnerable woman” with a catalogue of woes behind her.

Kent, 36, admitted she falsely told police she’d been sexually assaulted to get sympathy from her husband after a row.

She ripped her own clothes to make her story more believable, Teesside Crown Court heard today.

Her lies led to an innocent man being arrested, detained by police for three hours and bailed for six days.

Kent called 999 claiming she’d been attacked by a stranger who’d tried to rape her on June 7 last year.

She said she was approached from behind and punched to the ground by a man who tried to undo her belt in the Wellington Square car park area of central Stockton.

She told officers she swung a punch at her assailant and he grabbed and tore her T-shirt, said prosecutor Rachel Masters today.

Her report went to Cleveland Police’s major crime team and a man who had been in the area at the time was arrested and interviewed.

Inconsistencies surfaced in Kent’s account, but she stuck by her story when she was challenged and visited by investigators seven times.

The false report led to a press release and a police warning to the public over the potential dangers of walking home alone late at night.

After a week, and extensive examination of CCTV, she confessed she’d made up the allegations after an argument with her husband.//

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