Friday, June 06, 2014

When we get rid of the language of "right and wrong'...

....we don't understand the world better.

And when you don't understand the world, you lack the first virtue, prudence.

Comedian Steve Crowder explains:

//More importantly if a man threatens a woman, we’re not dealing with a misogyny problem. Amanda writes:

“a man sitting at a bus stop across the street from me began yelling obscene comments about my body.”

Okay, now we’re dealing with a character problem. Here’s the big idea: rather than simply divide men vs. women, we need to get back to focusing on right vs. wrong.

If a man kills six innocent people, that’s wrong. If a man threatens a woman, that’s wrong. If a woman wrongfully accuses an innocent man of being sexist, that’s wrong.

But the same neo-feminists, like Amanda, who are so quick to blame all men for their woes are oh-so apprehensive to condemn people’s actions based on purely moral grounds. Afterall, telling somebody that they’re “wrong” sounds incredibly judgmental. We all know how bad it is to be one of those people, right?

Women, if you aren’t judging men harshly and consistently (and the same for men to women), you are letting them off the hook. Even worse, you’re letting the bad ones off the hook and lumping them in with the good men out there who love and respect women.

A man who threatens you isn’t a sexist or a misogynist. He’s a bad person. He’s a low-life, scummy human being (just like Elliott Roger) who would ideally have been weeded out of the pack long before he ever had the opportunity to threaten you.//

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Anonymous said...

Every time a feminist speaks out at the wrong time, using the wrong issue, to make her biased and extreme hate driven point, it destroys what is left of any trust in society between men and women. The feminist needs to take a new look at things and see how much real damage has been done to relationships, social progress and communication between the sexes due to the varied streams and movements called feminism since the 1970's.

Some women continually make themselves look stupid by getting on the soap box at the wrong time and without compassion toward the victims in the SB shooting, for example. This problem that was labeled as misogyny was really about an extremely morally and mentally deranged, sick young man and a failed mental health system.

.....Not to mention the moral slide downhill that society has slid down the mountain and further down into the sewer since all of the feminist agenda began a few decades back. Yes the Catholic Church was right about birth control.

No young woman who engages in any of these risky things without a real commitment of marriage is truly happy. I have seen my share of liberated, bitter, angry women of all ages, young and older, who tried out all sorts of things and just end up feeling angry, bitter and used up.

The only thing the recent outspoken feminists were right about in response to these shootings was that no human has an entitlement or right to any one else's body and (I will boldly add, unless they are married..)

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