Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Progressive study learns that people who have a responsible attitude to responsible sex don't think that contraception is such an important thing that employers should be required to provide contraception over their moral objections....

....whereas "irresponsible nympos" think they need "free stuff."

Quelle surprise!

Except that's not the way they phrase it.

//After surveying Americans about their attitudes toward promiscuity — asking them whether they agreed with statements like “It is fine for a woman to have sex with a man she has just met, if they both want to” — the researchers also asked them whether they believed women tend to rely on income from their male partner. They found that the people who believe that casual sex is wrong also tend to believe that women need a partner to support them financially. Within that worldview, sex outside of a serious monogamous relationship is simply too risky. If women don’t have “paternity certainty,” then how will they know who they need to rely on to support them and their future child?

The researchers conclude that this outdated attitude toward women’s pregnancy risks and financial needs hasn’t totally gone away, despite the fact that modern contraception, legal abortion rights, and greater workplace equality have created an entirely different society//

Everyone get the irony there?

Outdated belief - women need men for support.

Progressive belief - women need government for support.

Get your head on straight, citizens!

Women are a powerful and independent force for progress, who just happen to be totally dependent on government hand-outs of contraceptives!

No contradictions there.

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