Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If only federal bureaucrats in charge of cyber-security could marry....

...and what is it about pedophile networks?

//Former acting director of cyber security for the Department of Health and Human Services Timothy DeFoggi was convicted for a myriad of gruesome child pornography charges Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced.

DeFoggi, who had top security clearance in his capacity as cyber security director, first joined the child pornography website PedoBook in March 2012. The Omaha World-Herald reported that he was arrested in April of last year, when law enforcement officials serving a search warrant found him downloading child pornography in his home.

In addition to viewing and soliciting child pornography, reportedly asking another member of the site whether he’d share pictures of his son, he suggested meeting a fellow pedophile in person to violently rape and murder children together.//


Anonymous said...

I find it extremely interesting that someone seems to have scrubbed away any image of him off of the internet? I have been looking for a photo and don't know which of several images under his name is him.
And this guy exploited children through images and.... other ways?
Really Sick.

Anonymous said...

This morning the internet is even further scrubbed of any image of this schmuck. Why is there no image?

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