Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mark Shea channels his inner...


So unlike the rigid ideologies which are coming to dominate the culture, the supreme irony is that infallibility does not mean never having to say you're sorry. For the gift of infallibility necessarily implies that the Church receiving it needs it. It is because those Borgia Popes, pedophile priests, radical nuns (and worst of all, because people like me) fail in their individual lives to obey that which the Spirit infallibly reveals through the Church that the Church must be supported by Christ at every step or she is ruined. That's the point of all those Acts of Contrition. Not exactly prideful--especially in contrast to the arrogant noise from the academy that all is Race War, Class War and Gender War (accompanied by threats against chattel students who dare to differ). In comparison to these snarls from elitists in the Vanguard of History, the Church's claim of infallibility is refreshingly humble and hopeful. For it is just another way of expressing confidence in Christ's promise to guide us none-too-bright sheep into truth, freedom and love "even unto the end of the age."
Freedom and love were what my liberal mentors (in the warm mood of the 70s) once taught me to desire. And they taught me so well, I desire it still. May they soon come to their senses and remember the wisdom of their youth--a wisdom preserved, not by the mood of the 70's, but by the infallibly guarded creed of the ages.//

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Lauran said...

In truth, if the Church never erred and "those Borgia Popes, pedophile priests, radical nuns" never failed in their individuals lives--Catholics and the Church would be despised that much more.

Nonetheless, Christ told us there would be days like these.

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