Saturday, August 09, 2014

The last man in London ... a nun.

A nun in east London climbed to the top of a local building and ripped down a flag similar to the one flown by Jihadist militants in Syria and Iraq.
IB Times reported Friday that the flag was being flown alongside Palestinian flags and slogans in support of Gaza.
Council members, claiming that it was causing tension within the community.
When council members went to take the flag down, they were surprised to find, someone had beat them to it.
“The council can confirm that following reports this morning of a flag erected on the Will Crooks Estate, council officials took steps to remove it but found it had already been taken down by Sister Christine Frost, a well-known local activist and promoter of community cohesion,” a council spokesman said.
Some argued that the black flag with arabic writing resembling the flags flown by ISIL, also known as ISIS, was only a symbol of Muslim faith and was not flown in support of militant groups.
A reporter for The Guardian was confronted by “around 20 Asian youths” when he tried to take photos of the flag. When the reporter asked if it was a in fact an ISIL flag, one man responded, “It is just the flag of Allah,” while another said, “so what if it is?”
The militant group has continued to issue threats of jihadist expansion. In a documentary for Vice News, one member of the group told a reporter that ISIL would “raise the flag of Allah in the White House.

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....Raise the flag of Allah in the White House? I wonder if that will be very difficult to do?

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