Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bottom line - people are going to bully because it creates esprit de corps...

...and if society says that one group is off-limits, then a new group will be nominated for the role of common people we can feel superior to. 

//Older people will tell you that anti-ginger malice is a strange and new thing in Britain, or that in Italy, for instance, having red hair is considered rather attractive. Perhaps it’s because the prejudices of older generations – racism and sexism – have become unfashionable and strictly penalised that these new ‘prejudices’ have emerged. Teasing gingers is possibly the new means of establishing a pecking order in schools, of establishing group cohesion among bullies. Unfair prejudice is indeed hydra-headed.//


marian said...

The Italians are right. Blazing red hair is beautiful.

John Kasaian said...

I find the term "ginger" rather puzzling. Someone with red hair is a red head (or so I thought.)
"Ginger" sounds like British slang, like calling potato chips "crisps" or substituting the word "sourced" for bought.
Except that "ginger" sounds derogative.
Red Heads, being made in the image and likeness of God, so the Anti-gingers are obviously under the influence of the devil.
No wonder Scotland wants to jump ship.

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