Saturday, September 06, 2014

Roman Polanski - after receiving an award from Hollywood - could not be reached for comment.

Interesting demonstration of the fact that the Catholic-bashing justified by outrage at alleged cover-ups never was about concern for children.

//In America, the same TV networks over the last dozen years have filed hundreds of noise-making stories slamming decades-old allegations of child abuse in the Catholic Church – suddenly they can’t find this story with two hands. There’s been nothing on ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. A Nexis search can’t even find any transcripts mentioning the story on CNN or MSNBC, and just one on Fox News. USA Today hasn’t found it, and The Washington Post only placed a story online, not in the paper. 

Do they only care to report on England’s royal children? No one else’s matter? 

The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times discovered the story briefly on August 27, and NPR aired two reports, on August 26 and 27. The New York Times then put it on the front page on September 2. But none of these stories made any mention of Muslims or Islam. These child abusers were not clerics, but their religious heritage was as politically touchy as their ethnicity. 

Take the Catholic Church out of it.and child-sex scandals aren’t particularly scandalous in the eyes of the press.//


//By comparison, in just over two months in 2010, the Times ran 64 news stories aggressively questioning Pope Benedict’s handling of sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, including in Ireland and California. Thirteen of those landed on the front page. 

Shocking stories of child sex abuse are apparently much more newsworthy when they can be used to punish and weaken organizations that secular progressives don’t like. //

The other guy's scandal is always more interesting.

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