Thursday, September 11, 2014


Two Christians beheaded in New Jersey by Muslim - media silent.

First, it would be wrong to think that this says anything about Islam or Muslims in general.

Second, I'm more concerned by the fact that this isn't a news story. This is a horrific, bizarre crime that parallels news out of Iraq. There is no reason to spike this story, except for the fact that the media seems to think that Americans can't be trusted to be anything but blood-crazed bigots.

Three, if so, screw the media.


Lauran said...

Nice to know that the Germans, at least, are sufficiently appalled by the constant barrage of contempt by this Administration toward our US Constitution--and rightly recognize the reason behind the assaults.

Lauran said...

They have finally come to a city near us.

Odd that FOX kept silent as well.

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