Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Gay Brownshirts.

Brings back memories of the SA and its gay leader Ernst Rohm.

This weekend a priest was injured as hundreds of silent pro-family demonstrators were verbally abused and even violently attacked by homosexualist and anarchist counter-protesters at different venues throughout Italy. In Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Aosta, and Rovereto on Sunday, homosexualists and anarchists stepped up their attacks on the increasingly popular Standing Sentinels (“Sentinelle in Piedi”) demonstrations against “gay marriage” and the “LGBT” agenda. In 100 cities, organizers said about 10,000 people participated in the events.

In the northern city of Rovereto, although the Sentinels had obtained a permit for the use of the piazza, a group identified as anarchists arrived and demanded that the Sentinels leave. After destroying the Sentinels’ publicity materials, screaming threats and throwing eggs, the anarchists attacked, reportedly punching, kicking, and pushing participants. Despite being warned of possible threats of violence, police were not present when the assault began that resulted in two being taken to hospital: a priest, Fr. Matteo Graziola, and a young woman who has not been identified.//


J. Hershaw said...

I'm glad the issue of gay marriage has generally not resulted in violence in the United States. Up to now, I have found the general issue fraught with humor and overall very entertaining. Violence would have put an end to my fun.

There are those on conservative side of this issue. There are those on the liberal side. However, I suspect about 50% of the population could care less one way or the other. Its an interesting political issue that has such ardent, passionate support on opposing sides and such a large gulf of "I don't cares" in the middle.

As an "I don't care," I hope this gets resolved quickly and decisively. That way, Ted Cruz can move on to find something to sound even more stupid (i.e entertaining) about, and the LGBT community and its supporters can take up another issue to try and make me feel guilty about (also entertaining).

Peter Bradley said...

First, everyone has an interest in calling out extremist groups for physical violence.

Second, everyone interested in democracy has an interest in the limitation of democracy when an area typically left to voters in the state is taken out of their hands and a referendum re-affirming what had always been legal is overturned by a single trial judge.

The damage to democracy as an institution will be ignored by the giddy cultural elites in the media and politics and Hollywood, but the common man just learned that their votes really don't matter if the elites want something.

The effect that will have in the long run is not funny.

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