Friday, October 17, 2014

If only women teachers could marry...

....Say What???

Female teacher who molested 12 year old is spared jail because he was a "willing participant."

//Female teacher who had 2-year affair with 14-year-old student is spared jail

32-year-old received a suspended sentence

Charlotte Parker, a teaching assistant who had a torrid 2-year affair with a 14-year-old male pupil, has avoided jail time.

Explaining his decision to issue a suspended sentence, Judge Austin Stotan stated that although the boy was underage, he was a 'willing' participant in the affair: "It seems the victim had explained that
 he had been seeing the defendant for a period of two years.
 He understood she was married.

A two year affair?  So, she started molesting this boy when he was 12?

I am sure that a male teacher or a Catholic priest would have received similar consideration from the legal system about the "willing participation" of the child.

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