Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Obama's War on Women.

Obamacare will push more women into part-time work.

That's bad because if it was just men, it would be perfectly acceptable.

//Much of the ACA’s tax effect resembles unemployment insurance: both encourage layoffs and discourage people from returning to work. The ACA’s overall impact on employment, however, will arguably be larger than that of any single piece of legislation since World War II.

The ACA’s employment taxes create strong incentives to work less. The health subsidies’ structure will put millions in a position in which working part time (29 hours or fewer, as defined by the ACA) will yield more disposable income than working their normal full-time schedule.

The reduction in weekly employment due to these ACA disincentives is estimated to be about 3 percent, or about 4 million fewer full-time-equivalent workers. This is the aggregate result of the law’s employment disincentives, and is nearly double the impact most recently estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.

Nearly half of American workers will be affected by at least one of the ACA’s employment taxes—and this does not account for the indirect effect on others as the labor market adjusts.

The ACA will push more women than men into part-time work. Because a greater percentage of women work just above 30 hours per week, it is women who will be more likely to drop to part-time work as defined by the ACA.//


J. Hershaw said...

Regardless of the accuracy of the linked information from George Mason University, I am wondering if the Republicans prefer not to try to find a way to provide affordable healthcare to the U.S. population. There have been plenty of times in the recent past when Republicans controlled the legislature and the White House, yet they did nothing meaningful to address the issue of healthcare availability. It seems for Republicans the matter is quickly reduced to "if it has to be paid for it ain't happening." For Democrats its "we have to do something to get these people modern healthcare." Its sad these positions can't be reconciled and something reasonable put in place. This "war on Women" thing in your post is a really weak attempt to address a Republican political weakness rather than address the serious issue of access to healthcare in the United States.

Bob the Ape said...

It is not the business of the Federal Government to be providing "affordable healthcare".

J. Hershaw said...

I'm not sure how conservatives will get elected with that plank on their platform. Almost everyone in the United States 65 or older gets subsidized or free access to healthcare via medicare. On the other hand, I am certain most people will agree that anyone under 65 who can't afford quality healthcare for any reason should just die, all the better to reduce the surplus population.

Bob the Ape said...

I don't give a hoot whether or not it's a politically practicable position to take at this time; it's still the truth. And while I appreciate the Christmas Carol reference, if you think it's anywhere near what I think, you're entirely wrong; if you think it's a caricature of what I think, you're still wrong, and also not funny.

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