Wednesday, October 08, 2014

That O'Reilly interview was eye-opening.

When you discount the necessary flacking that Panetta has to do for Obama, you realize how much danger this country is in. 

//Perhaps I hope for too much.  Perhaps Leon Panetta’s being half-moral is better than nothing at all.  And in defense of Panetta, he did go on O’Reilly.  He knew that wouldn’t be fun. And you can’t expect the likes of Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice to step forward.  At least Panetta is out there — and before the election.  I am grateful to him for that.

But like many people, I am fearful, fearful that our great country has been mortally wounded during the last six years.  We need Panetta, and others, to say more, much more.  We need them to hold their collective noses, expose all the nauseating details of this administration and speak in defense of America because it is America itself  that has been under assault by its own executive branch.  What could be worse than that?//

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