Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The "How Could We Have Known?" Stage of History.

Odd that the many of the same people who want to make tobacco illegal are in favor of pot legalization.

//The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert's devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless
One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent
It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia 
Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
Driving after smoking cannabis doubles risk of having a car crash 
Study's author said: 'If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin' //



Anonymous said...

So . . . what is the policy you are suggesting by this post?

Status Quo?
Harsher laws and penalties enforcing MJ prohibition?
Restricting other products with worse public health impacts than MJ such as alcohol and tobacco?
'Just say no' campaigns?

In light of the overwhelming success of current policies with respect to drugs from nicotine to heroin, I can't tell what you are suggesting. Please, be specific. I'm sure the answers are obvious. I just can't see them.

Jubal H. said...

Interesting this is all coming from the Daily Mail, a semi-tabloid published in the UK. Scientific consensus published in peer-reviewed journals seems to be emerging that while marijuana certainly has health impacts, for adults they are really quite limited. However, for adolescents there are impacts on cognitive development that can't be ignored. Somehow as a society we have to balance these impacts with the spending of vast sums, exacerbation of criminal activity and destruction of the potential of individuals by continuing to enforce marijuana-related drug laws. As we learned in the last century, prohibition creates its own ills, and it generally doesn't work.

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