Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why should we be surprised?....

... "President" is the longest job he's ever had.

//It was only a matter of time.

President Obama, a short-term college professor and failed community organizer who became a mostly absentee state senator and then an all-but-invisible U.S. senator, has Petered out. Per the Peter Principle, he has risen to his level of incompetence — some would argue far beyond it.

The president — and the president alone — let Ebola into America. He could have made one phone call (even on Saturday, when playing his 200th round of golf as president) and said one sentence to protect all Americans from the usually fatal disease: “No one from West Africa gets into the country.”//

OK...we get it.  Racism is bad and we're sorry.

Can we elect someone competent next time?


J. Hershaw said...

This particular argument, that the current Ebola patients in the U.S. are directly and solely Obama's fault, and the assertion that any other U.S. president would have long ago shut down travel from Africa to the U.S. and avoided entry of the one guy (who had no symptoms) who caused this, are very disingenuous. It's kinda like saying
"9/11 was Bush II's fault. You know, he let 13 guys into the U.S. that flew 4 airliners into three different ground targets and killed 3,000 americans and did hundreds of billion of economic damage. Anyone else would have closed U.S. borders to all arabs and all muslims long before 9/11."
Obama has got his problems, but its really quite callow to lay "Ebola" off on Obama. The right can do better.

mres said...

I disagree that this is callow or disingenuous. No one is laying all of the blame on Mr. President. The fact is that the POTUS has shown a pattern of and has been either campaigning or golfing repeatedly when various very serious crises have been developing. THIS factually has been his pattern. Everyone sees it. It IS his responsibility to see to it that things are safe here. He needs to read his briefings and get to work. One wonders why we have to have two more years to go with him...

Peter Bradley said...

//current Ebola patients in the U.S. are directly and solely Obama's fault...//

1. No one accused Obama of personally injecting the American patients with Ebola virus. So that is a strawman.

2. However, those patients would not have contacted Ebola if Obama had ordered flights from west Africa suspended. So, his decisions are a proximate cause of their infection.

3. The reason given for the refusal to institute a simple quarantine procedure - which has been instituted in west Africa - is a fear of hurting "fledgling democracies." That is a political consideration, not a medical determination.

4. Why is it wrong to hold the person who heads up the CDC - which has made many obvious errors including telling the second patient that she could fly - responsible? There seems to an unwillingness on the part of the left to hold Obama responsible for anything that happens under his administration.

J. Hershaw said...

1. Your points 1 and 2 above contradict each other. I never said anyone was was accusing "Obama of personally injecting the American patients with Ebola virus." There is no straw man. Yet in your number 2 you go on to say "his decisions are a proximate cause of their infection." Of course, hindsight is wonderful thing when you're not in charge.

2. The world is a complicated place. When republicans or democrats are in the White House, it remains complicated. Yet those who self-identify as "the left" or "the right" seem to spend an inordinate amount of time claiming nothing would go wrong if they were in charge. Since I've never seen that happen, something always goes wrong, I find collections of attacks and errors always directed at one side of the political spectrum to be callow and far too politically motivated.

3. I personally believe Obama is the second worst president we have had in my lifetime, just ahead of his predecessor. Ebola is not particularly high on my list of Obama's failings. Being very middle of the road, I'm not particularly inclined to be looking forward to whoever the left or right has to offer in 2016. They have both been on the wrong side of average for the equivalent of about the last 2.5 terms.

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