Monday, November 03, 2014


For all you science-worshippers, check out Retraction Watch, where yesterday's unassailable proofs become fodder for a qui tam action.


Anonymous said...

Its nice that the scientific process is so excellent at self-correction over time. That seems incongruous with a label like "science-worshippers."

Its unfortunate that so many other things people place faith in our society lack such a well-developed sense of their own failings and don't actively seek to correct themselves as regularly as "science" does.

Peter Bradley said...

Clearly, you didn't read the actual Retraction Watch site, which shows an alarming level of incompetence and criminality.

But I love the euphemism about "self-correction."

Ah, yes, the "invisible hand" of science doing its self-correction when someone who intentionally falsifies data is occasionally busted for fraud.

Somehow I don't think that people who are blase about "self-correction" in science would be so cavalier about "self-correction" in the banking industry when embezzlers and banksters are discovered as part of the "self-correction" process.

Also, one has to wonder how much bad science isn't being "self-corrected."

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