Monday, November 24, 2014

Our country is in the best of hands.

John Kerry Advised Russian Foreign Minister ‘Just Ignore Obama’

US Secretary of State Adivses Russian Counterpart Not To Take US President's Words At Face Value

But wait!  It gets better:

According to Mr. Lavrov, John Kerry advised him not to pay too much attention to the US President’s harsh rhetoric directed toward his state. As recently as September, during his speech to the 69th UN General Assembly in New York, Mr. Obama puzzled and shocked Mr. Lavrov by placing “Russian aggression in Europe” in second place among the world’s threats, behind only the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, resigning to third place the “brutality of terrorists in Syria and Iraq.” “Aggressive Russia” again was included in Mr. Obama’s world top-danger list during November’s G20 Summit in Australia.
According to a translation commissioned by the Observer, Mr. Kerry advised Mr. Lavrov to “just ignore Obama’s statements.” Google translator phrases the nuance slightly differently: “Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says US Secretary of State John Kerry called on him to ‘pay no mind’ to a statement by President Obama.” But the take-home message is clearly the same.
Back in September, astonished Russia’s Foreign Minister reacted with uncloaked anger. Mr. Lavrov said: “We earned the second place among the threats to international peace and stability.” He went on to say that he “did not understand whether he [Obama] was serious or not and whether there was an Orwellian element in it.”
Puzzled, Mr. Lavrov turned to his US counterpart for an explanation, and it looks like John Kerry clarified it all.
“Talking to John Kerry,” said Mr. Lavrov in his speech to the State Duma assembly, “I asked him, what did it mean. He said to me: ‘Just ignore it.’ You understand, if this is so serious, then, of course, it is very sad. And he said ‘just ignore it’ because he wanted at that moment to discuss how we were going to co-ordinate our approaches on solving Iran’s nuclear program and on the situation on the Korean peninsula.”

Russia is "Second Place among threats to World Peace"?

Seems like only two years ago that Obama was telling Romney that "the '80s want their foreign policy back.

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