Wednesday, November 05, 2014

You have to wonder how people in liberal enclaves are processing the loss of the Senate...

...given the news blackout on the midterms imposed by the liberal media.

During those 2006 elections, there was a flurry of campaign coverage, as to be expected from news networks historically interested in covering the election process in America. From September 1 (the unofficial kick-off of the campaign season) through October 26 – almost two full months – there were 118 full reports on CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and ABC World News Tonight; there were another 86 stories that mentioned the campaign — for a total of 204 stories.
In the exact same time frame in 2014, there were 31 stories, a  disparity of more than six to one.
In 2006, NBC had 79 stories on the midterm elections. This year, 15.
In 2006, CBS had 75 stories. This year, 16.
In 2006, ABC filed 50 reports. This year, not one.


Anonymous said...

Probably the same way people in conservative enclaves processed losing the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2008.

We now get to start the cycle once again. Massive deregulation, financial boom, financial crisis, and then democrats come back into power and re-launch their own brand of screw ups. At least our country is consistent.

Peter Bradley said...

Except that people in conservative enclaves actually heard the news that they were going to lose before the election.

Don't you ever read the articles I link to?

Anonymous said...

I read both the headlines you write and the articles you link to. My previous comment addressed the question YOU implied in your headline. The real problem is that there is no credible alternative to either party. They are sad reflections of each other.

This particular article lost all credibility when it stated ABC News failed to run a single story in the last 2 months that even "mentioned" the mid-term elections. Do you really believe that? Am I supposed to believe any of the other numbers in the article? Personally, I saw plenty of news regarding the precarious hold the democrats had on the Senate for at least the last year all over the media.

Peter Bradley said...

So, you choose not to believe Media Research's data?

Any evidence for your belief?

The wonderfully unbiased job that the mainstream media has done over the last 30 years?

Of course, being in denial is perfectly consistent with my point about the surprise that people in liberal enclaves must be feeling today.

Anonymous said...

i watch ABC News on occasion. They have mentioned the mid-term elections many times in recent months. The claim of zero lacks any credibility.

I have virtually no hope that the U.S. will be governed any better in the long run by the republican party than it would be (has been) under the dems. Bush II was a disaster that was the proximate cause of the election of the equally disastrous Obama administration. Crowing about an electoral victory on the party-level in this country is the epitome of being in denial. Both parties are corrupt, incompetent and disingenuous. As a country we succeed despite these parties and their efforts to rig opportunities and outcomes.

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