Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I don't approve of this guy's alleged promulgation of capital punishment, but the "gay movement" is using law to punish speech/democratic behavior...

...and that is very troubling.

Leftist Activists cheer "trial" of American Pastor for "Crimes against Humanity."

 First, it is fascinating how much distortion these activists will engage in, apparently knowing that their "amen corner" won't read beyond the headline.

Second, the pastor is not being "tried" for crimes against humanity; rather, his writ to dismiss a civil action for an alleged tort was denied by an appellate court that expressed concerns about the First Amendment.

Third, this case is very disturbing to anyone interested in civil liberty since it effectively seeks to penalize speech and democratic petition activities. Admittedly these affected a foreign company, but is the next step to sue people who advocate social policy that is deemed to be restrictive of social groups in America?

I expect nothing less than that the secular left will have no concern for the speech/petition rights of people they disagree with.

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