Thursday, December 11, 2014

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North Korea murdering/experimenting on the disabled 

//North Korea is systematically "cleansing" its population by making those with mental or physical disabilities disappear, a defector has claimed.

Ji Seong-ho, 32, who escaped from North Korea after losing his left leg above the knee and his left hand at the wrist, said the disabled are considered a stain on North Korea's image and a "humiliation" to the ruling regime.

Mr Ji, who is researching a book on the plight of North Korea's disabled, said babies with disabilities are taken away by hospital staff, never to be seen again. He added that children with developmental difficulties are neglected until they die.

"The regime proclaims: 'There are no people with disabilities under the Kims' rule' and 'everyone is equal and living well'," he said. "And while that propaganda is going on disabled children are being taken away, suffering indescribable things and dying."

He said two other defectors had told him of a village in the remote and inhospitable mountains of Ryanggang Province where anyone with dwarfism was sent.

"They were forbidden to leave and left entirely to their own devices, without any outside help," he said. "The men were castrated so they would become extinct. There's no-one left there by now."

A United Nations commission said in February that it had heard allegations that medical experiments are performed in "closed hospitals" on "persons with disabilities". But it added that it had not managed to confirm the claims.

In a separate study, conducted in 2013 by the Citizens' Alliance on North Korean Human Rights, some 40 per cent of defectors said they believed that infants with disabilities are killed or abandoned and 43 per cent claimed to know of "an island" on which the disabled are forced to live.
One of the defectors told of a hospital where disabled people are sent "for medical tests, such as dissection of body parts, as well as tests of biological and chemical weapons."

A former officer in North Korea's special forces, who defected in the 1990s after watching chemical and biological weapons tests on disabled children and adults, told The Telegraph about the programme.

"The regime wants to do this 'legally' so they offer to buy disabled children from their parents and they say they will take care of them," said Im Cheon-yong.//


Lauran said...

"systematically cleansing" the population by "extermination" and "medical experimentation" of those unable to defend themselves?

What a novice concept!

Toby said...

Really, its humanism that's the problem? That must be what caused all those protestants and catholics in Italy, France, Germany etc. etc. etc. to destroy the european continent over and over and over again for the 2 millennia. Can't you find a better more believable bogeyman than humanism?

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