Sunday, December 07, 2014

Well, really, who cares...

...about a bunch of ignorant red-necks?

//…and then the aforementioned bicoastal ‘elites’ that actually run the Democratic party will scream, browbeat, fold, spindle, and mutilate the poor so-and-so because he dared go into a Wal-Mart because it’s a non-union shop that encourages non-bicoastal-Americans to think that they deserve to have stuff, too.  And that’s the problem. It’s not demographics, and it’s certainly not gerrymandering, and shoot, it’s not even Barack Obama. It’s that the people who run the Democratic party [expletive deleted] hate the South.

And Southerners have noticed.  It really does astound me that the national Democratic apparatus apparently thought that they could defecate on an entire section of the country for fifty years and still get that section to vote for them at the end of it.  What did they think Southerners are, hard Left progressives or something? Folks below the Mason-Dixon line have basic self-respect and dignity, is what I’m saying. Try to heap scorn on their heads, and they’ll vote with their feet.//


Lauran said...

"...Folks below the Mason-Dixon line have basic self-respect and dignity..."

And uncompromising morals and patriotism.

morpheus said...

Dear Mr. Bradley,

I wanted to thank you for your very honest review of my recent mini-book "Praying to the Dead?", and have to agree that it was "thin". I published it to serve as a sort of compliment to some of my other small books. I'm only sorry that you were not able to download it for free during the promotion I held last week. It is obvious that you are very well read and extremely intelligent for that matter. So, to receive even 3 stars from you was a blessing. As you guessed, I am an evangelical moving toward orthodoxy, and hope to create simple theological pieces that are easy to digest for my evangelical brethren who are also looking to "cross-over" to the ancient faith (or who perhaps hold beliefs that are incorrect or unfounded). Thanks again for taking the time to not only read one of my works, but to also give a very eye-opening review, I hope you can understand the intention of my writing and the audience I am trying to reach. May you and yours have a blessed Advent season!


Mark Whitten

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