Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrating Sin.

Is the PCUSA still Christian?

John Mark N. Reynolds says "no."
//The PCUSA has always contained sinners. All churches do. That is why we have churches: we come as we are to become different than we are. Nor is “gay marriage” or homosexual activity the most pervasive or worst sin in the American church. As far as I can judge, we have far greater problems at least in numerical terms. The PCUSA is not affirming any of these other sins or problems. It is not suggesting ways to bless a lack of chastity for any other group of people.
This is not the only sin, or even the worst of sins, but it is the only sin that the PCUSA no longer calls a sin and is willing to celebrate. This makes it different even from divorce in the church. Nobody thinks divorce is a cause for celebration, even if (some) churches tolerate it in members as a necessary evil.
In doing this, the PCUSA has cut itself off from every saint that has ever lived: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. It has cut itself off from the global church and all of church history. Like American churches that defended other “peculiar institutions,” it has not listened to the global community. The flow of church history is toward chastity, see the virgin men worshipping in Revelation, not to an expansion of sexual options outside of traditional marriage.//

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Toby said...

You should read this. Its alway interesting to see people wallowing in their desire to exclude. Glass houses. Pots and kettles. All glass. All black.

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