Monday, March 16, 2015

Good googly-moogly!

That Cotton letter that the "Democratic party hacks with media credentials" are hyperventilating about - something about being concerned for the first time with congress getting involved in foreign affairs because it is a Republican senate for a change - was a dastardly and conniving act of.... speech!

//Cotton got 46 other senators to sign this letter in ink. “Because it was an open letter, it was not sent to Tehran but rather posted on Senator Cotton’s website and social-media accounts,” Caroline Rabbitt, Senator Cotton’s communications director, explained to me last week. Cotton & Co. never even dropped an envelope in the mail.//

So, the "letter" was not sent to Iran; it was posted on Cotton's web page and constitutes - shocked, I am shocked - something of a primer on "how the Constitution works."

Perhaps the media should read it rather than getting the vapors about it.

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