Sunday, March 22, 2015

If only teachers could marry...

If only women could be teachers....

North Carolina teacher has sex with student, gets tattoo with 15-year-old girl’s initials and likeness: cops

Durham teacher Michelle Smith White, 37, is accused of having an illicit relationship with a female student, and may have had threesomes with the teen and her husband, a warrant executed Thursday reveals. Investigators were told to photograph White’s tattoo, which reportedly features the name, initials and an ‘artist rendering’ of the girl.


Toby said...

"If only X Could Marry - A Continuing Series"

When I look back at your "series," it seems evident one theme of the comments you add to the articles is that the Catholic Church got a raw deal over its recent troubles. Do you really think it sounds good to argue that everyone else does it, so its okay the church tried to cover up its problems with pedophilia? That doesn't seem to be an argument from strength or from the moral high ground.

Sorry if I'm missing the point, but that seems to be a big part of your position behind this curious and kind of creepy series of posts.

mrez said...

You definitely are missing the point. No one here has ever stated that the Catholic Church got a "raw deal" and that they should be able to abuse anyone. Yes you are missing the point and you are out on a limb. Give it up.

Peter Bradley said...


You are missing the point.

You find this series "creepy," but did you find the constant "Catholic priests are pedophile" stories in the news "creepy"?

Obviously, you are discovering the effect that focus and repetition has on building an attitude. I suspect that you are tolerant of the repetition and focus on Catholic priests because you agree with the message or the objectives of the repetition and focus, but when it comes to women teachers, that doesn't fit your weltanschauung, so it is "creepy."

Thanks for confirming the point of the series.

Also, frankly, the number of women teachers who engage in pedophilia is definitely substantial, and we have a right to ask why this isn't considered a problem but the far smaller number of incidents involving priests was a major scandal worth endless repetition?

Toby said...


The series seems creepy to me because its making a point that is not factually correct based on your explanation.

Almost all of your posts are to news articles openly discussing the fact these teachers and other people did what they did. All of these teachers and other people are in big trouble with the law. Few if any of these articles reflect the fact that the organizations these teachers and others worked for attempted to hide the fact said perps committed crimes, nor do these articles appear to ever address situations in which the crimes committed were hidden for so long that the perps could no longer be prosecuted.

I am not surprised there are priests that are pedophiles, just as I'm not surprised such deviant behavior would show up to some extent in any significant population of people. I, and most other people in our country, don't condemn priests as a group. I do blame the church hierarchy for failing to live up to their responsibilities to the children in their ranks and protect them properly and to ensure that crimes are reported to the police. I suspect most people also hold priests and the Catholic Church to a higher standard than most other groups in society, including teachers. When you claim to speak for god and forgive others on god's behalf, a bit more is expected.

The fact is, the Church's leadership failed very badly. All of these articles appear to represent situations were the actual perps are getting their just due. That didn't happened as much as it should have in the case of those priests, fortunately relatively few compared to their peer-group, who committed crimes against children.

I just don't see the comparison.

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