Thursday, April 30, 2015

How can another person's marriage ever affect you?

Tolerance - the moment between breathing out one orthodoxy and breathing in another.

Obama Solicitor General acknowledges that the move after gay-marriage is to deny tax exemption to churches that adhere to traditional marriage, such as the Catholic Church.


John Kasaian said...

To be expected.
They destroyed Catholic orphanages, put the screws to Catholic Charities, and caused the divestment of Catholic Hospitals, didn't they?
That's enough despotism to make ISIS look like a bunch of Girl Scouts (well, maybe not quite. But it's coming.)

mrez said...

Glenn Beck predicts that 50% of Christians will leave the church, according to Catholic Radio today-Patrick Madrid- This morning.

Lauran said...

Evidently, the plan unfolds on schedule for the Democrats although I wouldn't presume all will go smoothly for them.

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