Friday, April 03, 2015

Is it McCarthyism or simply the pursuit of traditional Communist disinformation strategies by the formerly anti-communist liberal wing of American politics?

Harry Reid's performance in enjoying the revelation of his lies about Romney during the last election is a reminder of why we will be so lucky to see the last of this nasty piece of human wreckage.

//But McCarthyism isn’t limited to one party or ideology. And if liberals have any sense of self-awareness they will recognize the tactic has returned and is growing in their back yard.

Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash this week if he regretted his 2012 accusation on the Senate floor that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “hasn’t paid taxes for ten years.”

Reid presented no evidence at the time and claimed he didn’t need any: “I don’t think the burden should be on me. The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes.” Reid’s response in the interview was fascinating. When asked by Bash if his tactic was McCarthyite he visibly shrugged on camera, smiled, and said “Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?” White House spokesman Josh Earnest refused to criticize Reid for his comment because it “was three years old,” when in reality Reid’s televised reveling in it was only three days old.

Las Vegas journalist Jon Ralston, who has observed Reid over the latter’s 30-year career in the Senate, has had enough. He revealed that he had written a harshly critical column in 2012 about Reid’s “ruthless, Machiavellian politics” in response to the senator’s accusation against Romney but saw it spiked by the Las Vegas Sun because its editor wanted to protect Reid.//

Reading "Disinformation" by former Romanian head of foreign intelligence Ion Pacepa is a weird experience.  Pacepa describes the habituation of the techniques of "disinformation" - the Communist technique of recreating the past and selling that recreation by planting the story in congenial media locations throughout the world. The techniques involve finding a "kernel of truth," projecting Communist crimes onto the target, and mass distribution onto a target audience by supposedly neutral sources in order to "frame" a subject before the subject can react.

Certainly, disinformation is something that happens in normal politics, but in society committed to truth it ought to be an embarrassment, if only, as Pacepa documents, reliance on disinformation is like a drug, the need for which grows the more it is used, and, like a drug, it distorts the user's perception of reality.

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mrez said...

Thanks for sharing the book "Disinformation" with this example of this technique. I remember when I heard Reid state that. It was amazing how blatantly he stated it. Amazing they are not afraid to make bold faced lies any time it suits the agenda. And in this case it was Slander.

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