Thursday, April 23, 2015

One problem with the partisan use of criminal law - other than that the injustice and the fact that it the tactic of totalitarianism - is that it engenders suspicion about the justice system across the board...

...and, maybe, for good reason:

//SADLY, THIS IS NEWS: Iowa Man Found Not Guilty Of Rape For Having Sex With Wife.

But I wonder if this isn’t the key bit: “Rayhons served 18 years as a Republican member of the Iowa House. He withdrew from the race for another term shortly before he was charged last year.” Related: “Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is a Democrat.” Note that Miller’s office tried to move the trial somewhere else, where there were fewer Republicans in the jury pool. Given the prosecutorial misbehavior we’ve seen in Wisconsin, this makes me suspicious. Has anyone asked Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller why this very unusual prosecution was brought, and if politics had anything to do with it?//

I was mentally "ho-humming" when I read the headline - operating on the assumption that there must have been a bona fide reason for the prosecution - but now I'm wondering.

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