Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Polyamorous Jesus-Mythicist who dumped his wife to follow his urge to be true to his sexual identity...

The rest you can find out by googling me (along with your preferred keywords). Or checking out my body of writing (even the writings of my enemies). But really, my religious status is obviousAs are my politicsAnd social views. I’m 0.5 on theKinsey scale. Not heavy into kink (but get along well with people who are). I have an unusual fetish or two but don’t expect any of my partners to share them. I’m pro sex worker, and though I personally find strip clubs and brothels uninteresting at best (uncomfortable at worst), I like partners who are or who have been sex workers. I also like women who have or pursue a lot of partners or who love to boast of their sexual exploits, especially over wine or whiskey or equivalent. I’m not going to get all butt-hurt or angsty over how high Your Number is. It very much has the opposite effect on me.

I can totally believe that Richard Carrier concluded the Christ never existed out of his intellectual commitment to the truth, and not out of his opposition to an idea that would harsh his "fun."

What a jerk.

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mrez said...

Did we hear about this guy some months back in one of the articles you brought? He is dull and shallow and has missed the point of so much. Narcissistic. Had to remove his wife so he could play with all of this sex. And since he is such a deep person- lost his one little- date for mid May. ...And goes out to advertize. Gee. Prefers women who will talk and brag about their sexual exploits over whiskey or wine. What the? He wants a hardened, casual, never serious, experimenter of sex who is irreligious, to fit his schedule and his needs and wants which he is "extremely open about." He considers sex to be like any other action or activity on earth or any type of work and no different from work. He puts blinders on himself however it suits his urge to deny. Clearly a sex addict and SICK. Very self absorbed. :(

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