Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Eternal Marxist.

Gary Trudeau - Islamic-terror Apologist.

//Trudeau's biases reflect a common left-wing mindset that sees the world through the lens of "privilege" and "oppression" based on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and/or religion: non-privileged good, privileged bad (to paraphrase George Orwell). The result is a bizarre inverse caste system in which right and wrong depend almost entirely on the parties' places in the hierarchy of oppressions -- but only in the traditional Western social order.

From this perspective, because Muslims are a "non-privileged" group in the West, criticism of even the most militant forms of Islam is bigoted "hate speech."//

I am reading "Isaac and Isaiah" about the putative conflict between philosopher Isaiah Berlin and Marxist Isaac Deutscher.  The author describes Berlin's objection to Marxism:

"We believe, & the Marxists do not, that the value and truth of a man's opinions & activities does not wholly, or even decisively, depend on his place in the economic and social structure...." (p. 48.)

Trudeau is simply being true to Marxism without the economics, which was the hard part of Marxism.

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