Thursday, April 23, 2015

The plan for Progressive Fascism.

Step 1 - Mock the only news outlet that might cover Progressive Fascism.

Step 2 - Implement Progressive Fascism in a news black-out.

Now we know why Fox has been on the leftwing hit list for over a decade.

Secret police raids in Wisconsin targeted conservatives whose only crime seems to have been donating to conservative causes. Yet, the story, first reported in National Review, has been ignored by the networks. It was only Fox News that highlighted the story on Wednesday. Correspondent Trace Gallagher explained how Wisconsin's John Doe investigation allowed prosecutors to go after conservative groups, such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth. Then, it expanded to supporters. 
Appearing on The Kelly File,  Gallagher recounted, "Cindy Archer among them says late one night she was jolted awake by what she thought was a home invasion. It turned out to be a police raid. More than a dozen police officers holding a battering ram, yelling and pounding on her door. She said she was trying to calm down her dogs and get dressed with her body in full view of police. When she opened the door, she kept begging them not to shoot her dogs."

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